We Know Maui & Construction!

From a full Build to a simple bathroom remodel.  Elite Island Construction can do it all.   We can help solve the biggest challenges, or the smallest changes.  Design, Plan, Build, and Landscape.  Elite is a one stop complete builder for all of Maui.

We've Solved
Homeowner Problems

Details Matter

Your details matter, and they should only matter to you. Not the neighbor, not the architect and especially not the builder. We build what you want, not what we want.

Licensed and Bonded

Elite is proud to be Licensed and Bonded !

Why work with a Licensed and Bonded contractor ? Because it protects you, the homeowner.   If your unlicensed contractor cuts corners and leaves you to mop up the mess, there is no insurance to help you. If you choose not to hire Elite, please at least hire a licensed contractor and make sure their license is up to date.


Design Services

From Concept to finished product, Elite can either follow directions or help guide you.  We work with some of Hawaii’s best Architects to achieve the unbelievable.

Ready to Make Your Change?

Contact us and we will work with you to make sure your new home, or your simple remodel is exactly what you wanted.  Check out our portfolio for more pictures and ideas.  Contact us today to learn more or get a bid started.
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